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My runes are (not) better than yours

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  • My runes are (not) better than yours

    My runes are (not) better than yours

    At the risk of sounding as a suddenly cross-dressing Tibia Coin-unlucky old-timer stuck in Tibia's past (you will understand this long string of adjectives once you take a look at the images of this article), it is my civic duty to analyze, as impartially as possible the recent implementation of the nerf to NPC-bought runes, or, as the title implies and the circumstances require me to say, the "My runes are better than yours" Tibia update pack.

    I could string together many comments, ranging from the heavily opposed to the outright celebratory ones, but I will try to keep my calm and cool, grab a backpack full of blank runes, take a bite out of my recently fished fish, and facing the wind, utter my most accurate opinion about this update.


    I missed being able to sit still and prepare for my hunts by making runes.

    As a low level master sorcerer, I loved the fact people sat to train and talk about anything, be it music, shows, the current war, or any other thing. Manasitting used to bring communities together, forging friendships that last, usually, for a lifetime. Even now, my personal social media are full of people I met during this phase of the game. It was amazing, until you decided to take a stroll on the less crowded shorelines of Mainland.

    If you did that, you would quickly realize what some unscrupulous players kept on doing. Lifeless characters, uttering only magic words at certain times. Automatically eating, devoid of any essence or emotion. Flooding the market with runes. Flooding the wars with runes. These lifeless characters were like an industry with a pixellated human face. An unsightly sight, prompted quickly the implementation of something we all learned to hate, and later to accept. Soulpoints.

    If you asked me "What drove the Tibian Community to the state of decay it is in right now?" I would tell you two things. First, the community (as we knew it in the past) has undoubtedly decayed; and second, this doesn't mean the community overall has. Yes, now less people train and manasit, because those things are not needed anymore, but they perhaps do other things together. Like criticize the update or plot the next server domination. There is a community there, although I personally do not like the twist it has taken.

    Must. Level. Fast.

    Nevertheless, soulpoints were needed. The alternative was even scarier. Having hordes of lifeless characters pumping runes to the market isn't what a young low level mage with magic level 70 would have wished. I wanted to sell my runes, and there were less and less buyers everytime. They went cheaper and cheaper until soulpoints arrived. The thing with soulpoints is, that now no mage would sit still for more than 30 minutes. And that disintegrated the "train in front of your house while speaking about the latest show" community. It tore us apart.

    And then runes were buyable on the NPC, and that drove people even further from the shorelines and house doors. Yes, it also drove out the lifeless characters, but they simply took on a new battlefront: caves and dungeons. Humble mages like me were relegated to a backstory of former glory. Days of old where we would provide a monk for people to train, food for people to eat, gathered from our latest dragon hunt, and a listening ear, for friends to speak with. Now everyone was focused on leveling, and oh, how they leveled! But there was no community left, as I knew it. And I always longed for its return.

    Will these "my runes are better than yours" changes make less people buy at the NPC and more people interested in manasitting? Not quite. It is a first step, but I don't think it will provide us with a new community to enjoy, on its own. You see, the changes have been plentiful, some in the right direction, some in a wrong one, but they have had the ultimate effect of making us all run. Run against time, run against our previous levels, run against ourselves. Tibia had the amazing appeal of being the only game where you didn't need to run all the time. You still don't, but now it feels like you stop to admire the wonders of sitting still and listening to music all by yourself, instead of with some friends who can all improve their distance fighting or sword skills while you improve your magiclevel.

    Yes, the manmade (or womanmade) runes are shiny. The other ones are dull, gray and powerless. GO MANASIT NOW!

    I know training was never supported, or so I have been told at least, but for me it was a huge part of what made Tibia, Tibia. Perhaps it would be wise to consider bringing it back. I know these shiny runes are a step in the right direction, and I welcome it with open arms. Who knows? Maybe it will become interesting to stop by Trade channel (Advertising, I know, but let me dream, will you?) and yell every once in a while my favorite sentence.


    Until next time,


    P.S: The gender change was temporary during test server. As you probably guessed now, I was testing the Tibia Coins and then was unable to get my name back again. So Araluxia was born. She will die, though, once test is over. And probably be reborn as a level 1 somewhere else. (The name is cool, what can I say xD)

    P.S II: The update was revoked. Please switch every expression of joy in this article with an equivalent one of anger and/or sadness. Everything else stays as is.

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