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Tibia is (in) my life

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  • Tibia is (in) my life

    Tibia is (in) my life

    For someone playing Tibia for the first time ever, adapting to the Tibian logic of apparently illogical actions is, more often than not, a real challenge. Opening a rat, to extract money and cheese, and keep killing rats as if nothing happened, only makes sense if you’re speaking about experiences lived in isometric perspective –in case you live them in first-person perspective, we would recommend you go to the doctor immediately-.

    If only we could make food like this...

    Anyways, Tibia is a magical place. Who could hope to survive 5 minutes in hell and get out of it grabbing a teddy bear? Only those who complete Annihilator, or some other quest in Tibia. Trying to live a similar experience in real life could earn you a trip to the shrink… and without bear.

    But, what could we think about that urgency we sometimes get to cast a really good utito tempo followed by an exori when someone makes us angry? Or defending ourselves from something with a stone where we previously have painted a skull and bones? Surely you haven’t been tempted to cast exevo pan when you get hungry, or inwardly said “utani gran hur” when you’re late for class? Truth is Tibia is one of the few games that, in order for it to be entertaining, it needs to integrate with your imagination; the better it integrates, the more entertainment it will provide to you. However, your imagination does not turn off once you turn off your computer (well that’s if you ever turn it off anyways), and on the contrary, it stays active, suggesting new scenarios and abilities that might be useful, not only in Tibia, but also in this strange world called “real life”.

    No need for gps! Exiva has got you covered...

    Of course, there won’t be a shortage of keyboard warriors who will shout to the top of their lungs to say thinking of spells or objects from Tibia in this way is a characteristic of no-lifers, with nothing interesting to do, and even crossing into offensive territory when referring to this phenomenon, but, in my experience, it is almost certain that there are two things at play here: it’s almost 100% possible that the people who criticize this phenomenon also experiment it and, in case they don’t, it probably is because their imagination stopped working quite long ago. Which isn’t Tibia’s fault, but probably due to something else. This wouldn’t be a reason to get angry for those of us who know what it is to see things from many points of view and, on the contrary, should make us feel compassion and reflect on it.

    We should reflect on it because, as universal or widely expanded as the phenomenon of relating Tibian things to real life might be, it is an ability of the mind that, like all abilities, needs to be honed and trained. No, I’m not telling you to wear a witch’s hat and go to class dressed in Ferumbras costume, no. No, please put it away… those wings on your boots too. They’re not BoH. Are you done? Ok, I’ll continue. I am talking about training the ability to think, thinking. Thinking out of the box, without limiting yourself, giving always new uses to things. Make it so a backpack is not only a backpack to you, but also the opportunity for an interesting decoration, or think in a way that, if you don’t have a soccer ball you can use a life crystal. That, if you want magic in real life, you don’t feel content only with wishing for it, but also making it happen. As Arthur C. Clarke said once: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. We have ways to perform magic, not only technological, but also human.

    Late for class... because of playing Tibia. Not even great haste saves you today!

    We are not the first to wish for supernatural powers. Many wished before things like moving faster, or else the automobile would’ve never been invented. Many had the desire to help others, and that’s why medicine is so advanced nowadays. Someone once wished for something similar to exiva, and invented the GPS. It’s not a display of weakness or a negative quality to think of spells in Tibia, or any game, and wishing to apply them in real life (unless you want to cast exevo gran mas flam in a crowded area or electrifying a conga line with a gran vis lux, don’t do that, that’s bad). Maybe the next technological advancements that marvel us and help us will come out of fertile minds of people like you and me. Tibians that in a certain point of their lives wished to tame a lion just giving it some food, or making food without having to go buy groceries. Celebrate your Tibian and human creativity, always think on ways that are different from conventional ones, and next time you see the Frodo of your neighbourhood remember that, despite of what you wish, dwarven rings have not been invented yet!

    See you around.

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