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    What a strange name for an article! As if two words were combined to form a completely new one, with a bigger and better purpose. It's as if their unity gave them strength, isn't it? The most ironic thing about this title is that it expresses, in one single word, all I want to say in the following paragraphs; the way in which Tibia enables us to form friendships (even beyond the screen), and the way in which these already formed friendships are strengthened thanks to Tibia. A symbiotically nice circle that is even more evident when the December season is upon us.

    When you start Tibia, it generally isn't because you were searching for "game_where_I_kill_rats_and_get_cheese.exe" on Google. Many of us arrive in Tibia through a friend. Seeing them play, or asking what they were doing, and getting "Tibia" as an answer. See how life turns, that even after losing contact -maybe- with those persons, the game they introduced us to once upon a time became a constant source of friendship, acquaintances and new experiences.

    The search for friendship might take unexpected turns...

    But even if you arrived alone to the Portal of Souls and your first and only friend in Rookgaard was Cipfried (Little off-topic: When do I have to stop speaking about Rookgaard and replace it with Dawnport? How do I evoke a happy memory where the main setting is an island designed for me to level and get out?); even if only the NPCs tolerated your hissy fits because of items, eventually you had to go to mainland, and eventually you had to talk to people. As much of a loner as you might have been, if you wanted to complete the 10k quest, for example, you had to speak with people. Maybe this was the first time you got involved in a group activity, or maybe not, but it's still an impressive concept for a new player: "4 vocations, they must ally with each other, to be able to obtain their reward". I think, if 10k quest didn't exist, Tibia would be full of people sealed away inside their caves killing monsters for days without resti... oh wait...

    Anyway, the magical thing about this game is that you can choose to do things alone, and also with company. But besides that, you can also choose to be alone in-game and chat with people from all over the world. I still remember my hunting sessions where I killed Behol... Bonelords in Venore, as a free account with my dial-up internet that kicked me every 6 hours, as I chatted with people from USA, Europe, Brazil and other remote places. These ties made it possible for me to create my first guild, "Bonelord Haters" -that wasn't the name, actually, but I wouldn't wanna cause trouble because of my sudden feelings of nostalgia-

    Belonging to a select group of people is a special thing.

    And yes, like that guild, many friendships are short-lived, so they might be more appropriately called camaraderie or partnership; however, this hasn't always been the case. I still have some contact with people who have been important for me since those times, and I would consider them to be great friends in my life, not only Tibian, but also real. Is in that moment in which fraternity goes beyond the screen and embeds itself into our lives, in which we realize sometimes Tibia goes way beyond a number or a level.

    In Tibia we have the opportunity of belonging into selected groups. I have been fortunate to experience this in several occasions. The most important one was when CipSoft entrusted me to belong to their team of GMs. From this team, great friendships also emerged for me, with friends who didn't only share their game vision with me (about a game without cheating, where your character is a product of your efforts and not of automatic software), but also a similar sense of humor. I enjoyed every moment, even the sad ones, like the farewell party.

    Secret Santa is a fun activity you can do with your friends in Tibia.

    Now, years after that, I would've thought Tibia has changed a lot for me, but it is still a source of beautiful experiences. Meeting new people in events such as conventions, or sharing moments with old and new friends in experiences like playing Secret Santa during Christmas (with the particular style of Tibia, because it is hard to open your gift and show it to everyone, your curiosity will depend on everyone to remember telling what they got, and this often ends up in confusion and more laughter than notion of what's happening), are experiences that become a perfect testimony of Tibia being one of the few games in which community is a constant, despite some updates that look as if they were designed to dissolve it. That there might possibly not be any Tibia without its community, but clearly, no Tibian community would exist without Tibia. A perfect testimony that tells us Tibia starts with a T, for Thyself, and ends with an A, for Allies.

    Happy holidays!

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