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What is a Fansite?

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  • What is a Fansite?

    What is a Fansite?

    Usually we see this word besides others, and not by itself. We see that TibiaVenezuela is a Promoted Fansite, that Tibia-something is a Supported Fansite. That this or that Fansite has a contest for people to earn some item. That this or that Fansite is not supported anymore by CipSoft. But we throw the word "Fansite" around as if it were virtual candy in a Carnival party, without trying to even grasp its meaning. We can understand it on different ways. Maybe the players with the most basic knowledge will think Fansites are an extension of Tibia. Maybe some will think that masskicks are the fault of some Fansite admin, simply because that person seems to talk about Tibia more than would be normal. Some could even dare to ask for ingame items. As if owners, collaborators and writers of Fansites would be the remnant of the Gamemaster programme that, no, we didn't create items from thin air nor were able to summon Orshabaal, either.

    The most centered will have a clearer definition of what a Fansite is, and maybe they will say it's a "website about Tibia". That would only be correct if we speak about Tibia specifically, because many games have official websites and Fansites, so it wouldn't be right to assume all Fansites in the world have something to do with Tibia. But that doesn't answer our question. And it would be nice to answer to it, considering three important features of fansites, so the reader, in a clever way, will be able to draw their own conclusions.

    What is a fansite? Does CipSoft spy us through them or something?

    In his Gettysburg Speech, Abraham Lincoln defined democracy as a form of government of the people, by the people and for the people. With its obvious differences, we can say Fansites answer to a democratic way to make content. On them, the content isn't made by CipSoft (at least, not entirely, even though there's close collaboration with CipSoft, which is incredible and priceless), but rather by its users. By people who have acquired a little bit more of experience in Tibia by being users and players, or maybe by some that have less experience but still dare to put what they know in one or a few articles.

    We could say then, that Fansites are fansites of the players, by the players and for the players, paraphrasing Lincoln and respectfully adapting his words to our topic.

    And it sounds neat, but that still doesn't answer the question of what a Fansite is. Because they can be "of the players" all you want "but I still don't get my Dragon Goblet" would someone exclaim, or... "but I never get invited to Test Server" would someone else say. And even if that's true, a Goblet or any item, an invite to Test Server, or a Premmy, do not define your participation in a Fansite. Occasionally they are just prizes, motivation. The Fansite itself is its own reward, it's the joy of being listened to by people who share your passion for Tibia. Helping them on something they don't know. Giving advice to them or simply sharing with them your impressions.


    A Fansite is of the players because up to a certain point the players are the ones who define what will appear on the website. There is no game without players, and there's no Fansite without game. Thus, Fansites exist thanks to players and owe themselves to them, they must be the reflection of the community problems and worries. They must be a mirror for their demands, and a vehicle for players to express their gratitude or happiness with changes in the game that they perceive as favorable.

    A Fansite is for the players because there's no Fansite without people who read it. And the only way for someone to understand that "Hunter is PK" is something funny, is for that person to have played Tibia. The only way in which the content posted here has any meaning for a potential reader, is for that potential reader to have played Tibia. Otherwise, this would be only letters, without an emotional connection. To a person who doesn't play, it is really the same reading Ferumbras or Marina. He wouldn't know which one of these words means "Power" and which one means "Harmless Mermaid sitting on a rock"

    A fansite is by the players for many reasons, but more than anything because we are players as well, the ones who write, the ones who think up the photos, the content. In my particular case I didn't go in Tibia to ban people. I went in to play, and many times I was afraid of getting banned, like that story I always tell, when there was a lot of people grabbing illegal snowballs in Vega and then a GM came up and performed a "raid". Almost asking for "Give me your ID card and keep your hands up", but in a pixellated version. While I ran far away, very slyly, without ever having gone up to get snowballs. Even when now, years later, I found out that GM wasn't really banning anyone and was only getting people out of there to avoid the bug being abused further.

    In the end, fansites are what you make of them. As a reader, and as a contributor

    Many of the people I know who are working for Fansites started to play being even more "noobs" than someone starting to play today. Many started even before pages such as the wikis dedicated to Tibia existed. Do you want to do 10k quest? Good luck knowing what to do if no one takes you there, lol. That was the way of those times. I don't know about anyone who has joined a Fansite without having played Tibia before that. It wouldn't make sense but, even if it happened, that person would end up becoming a Tibia player, at least because of curiosity. Players generate... we generate... Fansites. They are a reflection of all of us as a community.

    Because of this, it's important for Fansites and visitors to interact. It's important that, if you have suggestions, complaints, doubts, you express yourself on the forums, or over Facebook or Twitter (with Fansites or Collaborators using that platform). Every suggestion, as small as it could be, counts. Every idea counts. Even the craziest ones, because those ones tell us what shouldn't be done. Every comment influences the final product. This Fansite, other Fansites, contests, this article. We as collaborators come and go, and yes, Fansites do too, even if some last longer than others. But the interactions we have, the things we learn together, players and collaborators, that will remain forever. Even if we don't notice.

    Until next time.

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