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This is not another story about new servers.

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  • This is not another story about new servers.

    This is not another story about new servers.

    Upon opening your eyes you find yourself in an unfamiliar place. For a moment you think it's the Portal of Souls, except that, in this case, you haven't appeared from nowhere, but fell (very slowly) from the sky. You adjust your eyesight and look around. Looking for familiar things. Familiar faces. But Cipfried isn't here, and the place doesn't look like Dawnport or Rookgaard. In fact, it's even fuller, and it's three-dimensional. It's also more serious. Maybe a person you hold dear will come meet you, and for an instant, being technically strangers won't matter that much. Or peraps, you will arrive not even knowing where the bathroom is, but you will still be happy to be there, because in your original "server" you couldn't get a very high level. You had to stand in line, for manafluids or runes, and you only could buy two per person. Because perhaps after hunting for 8 hours, you would only get a few gold coins. Maybe you realized already that this story has little on the Tibian side, and it's more of a real story. Perhaps you feel identified, even, reading these lines south of the Equator, north of the Caribbean Sea, or at the east from the Atlantic Ocean.

    Of course, I'm speaking about migration.

    Pretty accurate depiction of the events.

    For many Tibians in Venezuela, this is a reality they live more or less in a close way. If they're not emigrating themselves, it's their friends. Maybe the group from the Internet cafe will not be complete anymore, because Someguy, the one who played the "Kina" went to Colombia and is working a lot. Or because Somedude, the one who sio'd me every Saturday, moved to Spain and is waiting for the internet to be installed at his place. Because maybe timezone difference will not let us hunt as much as before. Or perhaps because I have to wait for my friends, those who left, or even myself, to coordinate the most important things in our lives before worrying about killing Serpent Spawns.

    And the one who hasn't left yet, maybe is busy in other things as well. Standing in line under the sun, or fighting against the bad quality of our internet connection. In this way, groups are being torn apart, among timezones, and different criteria. And those who stay find that logging in is more of a bore for them. Maybe for some the reality outside of Tibia will force their emigration, not only in the real world, but also in the Tibian one. Pretty much this is the case if they want to purchase in the short term a premium account; although this has been mitigated by the oportune introduction of Tibia Coins. Many Tibians from our country simply won't be able to pay the price of premmy, not because it is expensive, but because of the economic disadvantage our currency is in.

    When you leave, a long time is spent looking at flags.

    And no, this article isn't about politics. I don't care if you're from a party or another, or if you're a Martian and crashed on Venezuela... (do you imagine a Martian standing in line to buy flour?). This goes beyond who is sitting on the presidential chair. This is a reality that affects every one and that is impossible to draw with other words. If it's the fault of an economic war, or government inefficiency, I will leave that to the reader to determine, and it's not the core of this article.

    Maybe turning into that migrant from the story has sensibilized me a bit more about that part of our community. That part who has to move, not only from Caracas, Valencia, Maracaibo... but also from Julera, Fortera, Shivera... Because of reasons that are against their will. And with the hope of, someday, coming back. To both places.

    Tibia always makes you feel at home. Despite the messy rooms.

    Maybe the Tibian return comes first. When internet is stabilized or when personal situations are solved in the country of arrival. And after fighting against our rusty memory and finding our account information, to connect for the first time in a long time, we will see the familiar walls of our house in isometric perspective. Maybe we will feel again the safety of its walls. Maybe Tibia can, once more, draw a smile on our faces taking us, for a magic instant, back home.

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