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Do you believe in Yetis?

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  • Do you believe in Yetis?

    Do you believe in Yetis?

    There were always many mysteries in Tibia. Those were the fuel for the imagination of lots of players that spent their time glued to their computers between 2005 and 2007. The years might vary slightly, but this is what I will call the "Golden Age" of Tibia.

    Of course, the Yeti comes from those times. I am not even sure at what time it was implemented, but when it was, it was never announced publically. It wasn't like today, that every single detail of the game is readily available on a Wiki page or even at the official website. In those times you had to work for information.

    And it turns out that the Yeti was located on one of the most boring and uninteresting places for high levels, yet low levels were there all the time. It was a bit cruel because obviously the Yeti could kill them fast. And no one would believe them. It was basically like having drunk people getting beat up by a monster and then telling the story to their sober, armed friends. They would chuckle and drink more beer. Well, the Yeti was the Tibian equivalent of that.

    The Yeti, on its natural habitat.

    It was the first iteration of the concept we know now as "raids", or random appearances of monsters and groups of monsters on some areas. The Yeti was the first one, and people started to hunt it when his existence was confirmed. On the Ice Islands, the silence and boredom were not perpetual companions of the snow anymore.

    It was a good time. People would gather together or go by themselves to Folda, just to post on the Game-Chat if they found a Yeti. Details of this might be obscured by my memory, nevertheless, I seem to remember that most people wanted to kill the Yeti, myself included. All sort of rumours were running around about it, from damage to loot, and people would be online for hours discussing this and other subjects, even if it was too tough for them to kill.

    So, to answer the question of the recent poll. "Do you believe in Yetis", the answer would be "Yes". They were one of the monsters that fueled our glorious fantasies in a Tibia that was more focused on a community playing experience. The Tibia that I will always love.

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