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Open Letter to Cipsoft

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  • Open Letter to Cipsoft

    Open Letter to Cipsoft

    Honestly, I am typing this post originally in English because what I will talk about feels really foreign to me. Almost as if I rejected the notion of accepting the fate of a game that brought me so much joy in the past. Tibia used to be a game to gather together, talk, hunt with friends, enjoying the things that truly mattered.

    It seems now that other things matter instead of that. And that's fine, I guess. Times... change?

    Have they changed indeed that much that listening to customers has become a second, third, or fourth priority? Have they changed that much that the customers who have stayed the longest, also get slapped on the face the hardest?

    One can only ask rethorical questions, some of those that no one will answer even if they wanted to. A huge change, hidden behind a policy and a great deal of imaginary supporters, while the real supporters of a fairer, more just gaming system drown in their own screams of protest in forums that are read, but not understood.

    Sitting on a pyramid as I see you take every wrong decision possible.

    This might be my harshest post towards CipSoft and its policies, even harshest than that time when they backtracked on the change where they favored self-made runes. That time I only added some final lines to my post, expressing mi anger, my disgust, my hope for a better Tibia. A better Tibia that's not necesarily expressed in gains per quarter or in a rising bar chart at some business meeting in Germany. The Tibia from the heart. The Tibia we lost so long ago.

    Dismiss this post as nostalgia, as the cries of an old man who became too attached to a game, whatever. It's not attachment to the game, really, but a prevailing sense of logic. Once the fair players, or the players with normal levels have left, who do you think will be there to buy the products that the cheaters benefit from? Because cheaters don't buy with real cash, that's why they are cheaters. Still want to cater to them?

    Drive out more fair players out of your game, and have the cheaters lose everyone they want to opress. Is it a convincing argument yet? Are we slowly poisoning the game in the hopes that a new Fiction Fighters-like project takes off due to lack of decent competition? Was CipSoft bought by a disgruntled enemy in disguise and is now taking every worse decision possible? WHAT IS HAPPENING?

    I'd much rather save up for a mount, thanks.

    Perhaps it's wrong of me to take advantage of this platform to get this message across, but just a quick look at the Auditorium confirms this is not just my sentiment, otherwise I would have kept my mouth shut. Listen to your playerbase for once, but not to those who want to dominate. Listen to those who want to play. That's how other games got to be successfull enough that now they can sell even in-game pets and people buy them. Tibia is definitely not at that point of its history yet, and it's because of cheaters.

    Understand, please, understand, the game is nothing without fair players. If you really don't ignore feedback, and if you really want Tibia to keep afloat, backtrack on that decision. Heck don't even give us 7.1 anymore, but don't charge for exp. It's a suggestion, a plea, and even an order.

    The alternative will be a world without Tibia. Sounds silly, but it might be closer than you imagine, want or expect. And there will be no one else to blame but you.

    The views herein expressed are those of the author and are not endorsed by TibiaVenezuela in any way.

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