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Beyond Tibia 11

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  • Beyond Tibia 11

    Beyond Tibia 11

    Changes, changes, changes! From the most hated ones, like XP Boosts, to new outfits, it seems that Tibia is changing always and a lot. It sometimes is hard to keep up with all these changes, and some seem to be for worse, however, there are very commendable changes, such as the new Tibia 11 client that just appeared. I quite like the approach that was taken with it, from several viewpoints, such as technical, strategical and even from a perspective of just a player who likes to have a good time with Tibia every now and then.

    There are, of course, things to make better. CipSoft seems to be aware of this. I saw a lot of bug fixes announced on the main page, so that's a good signal. I logged in to the game with the client and I have a few comments about it. Of course, before I give my opinion, I will let you know some information to put my observations into context. I played since year 2004 with the C++ client. I think it is awesome, specially the fact it doesn't require a lot of resources to run. However, I find it's rather limited, which was good for the earliest days of Tibia. As Tibia gets more complex, it's simply not possible to use the same client all the time, though.

    That's why I gave it a try when the Flash client appeared. I must say Tibia was a bit late on adopting Flash, when almost every other company was moving away from it. Nevertheless, the Flash client is a good product, but rather than being so because of a good gameplay experience, it is a good product because of offering a different playing experience. For example, you could put your health and mana bars at the side of your screen, or move bars and areas of the screen as you liked. Highly customizable, with a lot of problems. These problems were caused mostly by Flash though, instead of the client itself.

    A download manager for Tibia? Lookin' good!

    I am sure many had the same thought, idea, or desire that I had at that point. I wished for the C++ client to offer some of the features of the Flash client, without having to sacrifice playability or reliability. I wondered if it was possible for a game client for Tibia to gather the best of both worlds, as they say, and actually offer a neat playing experience without feeling way too different, and without the risk of your browser crashing while you were fighting hard monsters or doing a really tough quest.

    Apparently some people at CipSoft got the idea right, and although it's not exempt of problems or things that I would like were different, it truly is nice to see Tibia modernizing itself in that aspect. Some of the features of the Flash client made their way into the normal client, like for example WASD keys functionality (can you actually guess how many times I typed "wwwwww" trying to move my character forward in Tibia after having played some other game?), highlight targeting, and other completely new features, like selecting graphics engine based on performance or compatibility.

    Still, there are some things that I would like to see implemented from the Flash client into the C++ client. On wide screen monitors there are still areas that are completely useless. I would like to move bags and widgets over there, like the HP/Mana bar for example, or even the map. It's a waste of space to not use those areas, and I would've thought CipSoft would incorporate this feature on their new client but they didn't.

    Buy, buy, buy! Ignore the huge unused space, though.

    What was incorporated though were several buttons related to the store. At least, I see a huge button staring at me in the face, labelled "Store" in big white letters over a blue background (the only blue button on there). It looks nice, graphically. I think it was updated from a previous, overly-flashy version that everyone complained about, but still... does the button have to be that big and obvious? And then there's another button to boost your XP below the exp bar. Wasn't it enough adding those boosts after everyone said not to?

    I like the fact that some numbers are now green indicating they have been boosted. For example, my magic level is 83, but green, because I'm holding a Wand of Defiance. Then if I take the wand off, I see my true magic level, 82, on white numbers. I find this rather useful and the updates should focus on that, instead of making us buy and buy. The updates should make us want to play the game and feel comfortable doing so, then, the cash will pour into CipSoft's pockets with little to no advertising on their part.

    My overall impression with the Tibia 11 client is that it's truly a step forward. The new font looks similar to the original, the graphics are not that different, yet apparently the new client has unlocked a ton of possibilities for the future, that were previously not possible. I like the fact the new client will still be a native application, and not a flash widget. Reliability is important in a game like Tibia and should not be handed over to a third party application (like a web browser).

    Highly customizable. A good thing.

    It would be interesting to see, in next updates, what ones were unlocked directly by the change of client. Some sort of text saying "this update would not have been possible with the previous Tibia client because of so and so". With these levels of communication, we as players might appreciate more what CipSoft does, if we knew why they do it, instead of having to decipher the secret of their minds as if it was a book written in 469.

    Also, as a suggestion, CipSoft should just focus on providing a good game experience, and not making the greed as obvious as it is now. XP boosts, big store button, buy buy buy. As premium players, we already know we have to pay if we want good things, but we also don't want to have that shoved into our faces when we hunt. Trust me, if this good gaming experience comes (and that has many facets, from making pleasant graphics to offering good options to customize gameplay to eliminating bots and cheater accounts), then the money will flow like a neverending torrent into CipSoft's accounts. I would be a buyer of most products if they enriched my Tibian experience in a good way.

    Despite these issues, the Tibia 11 client looks like a good decision, and a good improvement over the previous one. I am expectant to see what it holds in store for us players as it gets updated and developed further. The Tibia 11 client is teaching us all, both players and CipSoft, that Tibia is a dynamic game, even more so than we might have thought previously. It's on us all, players and CipSoft, to harness this dynamism and let Tibia evolve, without losing its essence. Tough task? Yes it is. But the Tibia 11 client has shown me it is possible to do, so I am hopeful this might be true someday in the near future.

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