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The Druid and SuonSet

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  • The Druid and SuonSet

    The Druid and SuonSet

    There is a story about a druid who used to communicate with Suon every day, and obtain from it some kind of a tremendous energy from the cosmos. But this communication in every sunset, this druid could drag such comic energy for a short period of time, and it could increase his aura and mana as well. This enigmatic skill was only known solely by this druid. Many scholars envy so much this kind of interaction with one of the two suns. There are rumors that this druid could complete time travels. It remains as a big secret.

    Suon shall fall slowly very soon, and you don't want to miss its good light during this summer! It's time for a picture shot alongside to TibiaVenezuela! All you have to do is submit a real life picture of yourself at the sunset and writting about Tibia!!!

    In order to participate in this contest and to be accepted, you need to meet the following guidelines:

    - You must submit a picture of yourself in Real Life, you must stand at any sunset and dedicating a hand-written message to TibiaVenezuela. We won't accept a mere picture about you without a dedicated message to our fansite. It's probably it may be difficult to make readable the message because of the backlighting, but this is part of the challenge, you must to figure it out yourself. In order to submit your photos in this thread, you must be registered. If you need assistance with this, please subtmit your questions about how to register in our Fanpage on Facebook. Please note that your submited pictures must displayed with a proper resolution and quality.

    - Digital editions are not allowed. No photoshop nor other kind manipulating image to adding special effects to the photo.

    - You must include a photo caption in a post, this message must reflect a small story about Suon, and a text that describes a good memory about your tibia's life during the last year. Optional: if you don't have a good memory to share, then you would suggest a good idea for improving the game (keep in mind that we won't guarantee that such proposal will be implemented in game)

    - When you have submitted the photo on TibiaVenezuela, you grant us the right to edit and publish the photo in anywhere.

    - English or Spanish messages allowed only.

    - Everyone is invited to participate on it except our own staff or other fansites staff. The judge will be CipSoft and Etien. TibiaVenezuela will provide all the content in Spanish to English including every submitted captions and dedicated messages displayed in the photos as well. Nevertheless TibiaVenezuela will reserve the right to exclude submission which don't follow the guidelines presented in this event, o to exclude to whom maintain a very erroneous behavior during all the phases of the event. - The results will be published after have passed 10 working days from the deadline.

    - You must state the name of your character next the hand-written message in the photo.

    - The rewards will be delivered to the account/character displayed in the submission.

    We will judge: creativity! best picture shot, try to include Tibia elements on it, for example: items in RL inspired in Tibia, costumes, etc because the elements are the key to be elected between the winners.


    1) Dragon Goblet + premium time (30 days)
    2) Hero's medal
    3) Badge of glory
    4) Elven Trophy

    And 10 additional winners by equal conditions: 1 trophy of excellence for each winner.

    Event starts today Jun 21st and ends on July 21st

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    Please, be welcome to TibiaVenezuela! You may also submit your questions here! In order to submit your photos in this thread, you must be registered. If you need assistance with this, please subtmit your questions about how to register in our Fanpage on Facebook.


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      Character : Sheshie Yei
      SErver : Amera

      Sunset sunset sunset... these past few days was a struggle for me because its rainy season in my country so catching up for a sunset would need luck hahahaha

      Earlier this year after breaking nearly almost 350 gooey masses for the past years.. i have decided to buy 2 four-leaf clover in antica for 5kk because a friend of mine plans to transfer his antica character by server save towards the server i play so i bought these four-leaf for him to bring it for me so i can resell it for a higher price in my server..... the moment he arrive in my server and pass me my four-leaf clover i then put them up in market for 8kk each.. after a week of it being in market booooom miraculously stage 3 of hive in my server happens!! i was so excited that i rush in depot to cancel my sell offer!.. luckily only 1 got sold and 1 was left so i was able to cancel the remaining 1 clover.... i then went to gray beach breath deeply and hoping for this taming item not to break because i have no more extra........everytime a lady bug poof when i used my clover my heart beats i get super scared...... finally after 13th lady bug i luckily tamed the bug without breaking my item!!! i was so happy \o/
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        Submission accepted!


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          It's time for my entry. I decided to use the Citizen Outfit

          Time of sunset has come... talented druid wanted to absorb as much energy as he could... he decided to face the most powerful sorcerer in the whole Tibia... the name of this mighty wizard was... Ferumbras! He wreaked havoc and revenge among Tibian world, no one has ever dared to fight against him! The druid headed out Kharos – the place where Ferumbras has resided for many years. His citadel was protected by numerous scary creatures, but enigmatic skills allowed the druid to defeat all of them. Finally, he reached Ferumbras' chamber. Despite the unexpected visit, Ferumbras was certain that he is irresistible. Fortunately, he was mistaken. The druid with unique powers slammed the sorcerer and threw him into the abyss.

          I think most of us would agree that it's the memories, both good and bad that make tibia so endearing. Being lucky to have more of the former, I'd like to share a recent one that really stuck with me. It was a warm, stuffy afternoon, sunset was nearing, were it a movie, one would be sure that something exceptional was about to happen. However, having been reading a book on my bed (ok, fine, I was checking notifications on my facebook account), I was not holding my breath. Suddenly my phone buzzed, "Tearie, tyrn appeared" said the message my friend sent me. To this day, I am not sure, if I've ever got up that quickly. Sadly, as always my ISP took the role of my biggest enemy and I didn't make it in time for the bossfight. So far not really the greatest memory, is it? What made that event special was what happened after the mighty wyrm was defeated. As I learned later, it was a lower level player, killed by Tyrn , that notified the world about boss' appearance. Unsurprisingly, a lot of higher lvl players engaged in the bossfight alongside my friend and swiftly won that encounter. Not one of them though stopped to thank the poor guy for letting them know. What is more, as he died without blessings he lost his backpack and boots of haste, taken from his body: nice way of showing gratitude btw. Having already logged in, me and my friend decided to hunt a bit to forget about our lackluster boss effort. What was strange about that hunt was that I had to wait for her (totally worth waiting for) since usually I am the one that is always late (if you read this, sorry!). Only later did I realise what was the cause of that. Feeling bad for the victim of Tyrn, I contacted him to learn if he was alright. Surprisingly, he was more than happy. It turned out that my friend, being a better person of the two of us bought back what he lost and then added some. How foolish I felt at that moment about teasing her for being late! Afterall, I think that it's not the memories, but rather special people that we share them with that make it next to impossible to quit this game despite all of its drawbacks :>.

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